martes, 27 de abril de 2010

Something that I cant get off of my mind right now...

Primero!!! ignoren las faltas ortograficas porque se me dio por escribir todo en ingles... asi que sii escribi algo mal hagan criticas constructivas... gracias XD

Please read the follow conversation, its in spanish XD sorry but I dont have enoght time to trasnlate

[26/04/2010 21:16:55] N: pero en que sentito ya no te gustan las mujeres... ya no te quieres ver involucrado con ellas o no quieres saber absolutamente nada de ellas?
[26/04/2010 21:17:07] N: yo soy mujer ... asi que... :(...
[26/04/2010 21:48:47] N: que haces?

[26/04/2010 21:49:16] J: pesando
[26/04/2010 21:49:20] J: pensando

[26/04/2010 21:49:24] N: :O!
[26/04/2010 21:49:33] N: en que? O.O

[26/04/2010 21:50:27] J: en ti

[26/04/2010 21:50:40] N: ah?
[26/04/2010 21:50:44] N: yo que tengo que ver XD

[26/04/2010 21:51:10] J: mucho

[26/04/2010 21:51:36] N: :S
[26/04/2010 21:51:46] N: necesitas ayuda con algo? xD

[26/04/2010 21:55:07] J: no con nada ntp

[26/04/2010 21:55:42] N: ok... esque mucha informacion me has dado, con que piensas en mi, con que ya no te gustan las mujeres... enrredas x__X

[26/04/2010 21:56:24] J: eres lenta

[26/04/2010 21:56:35] N: PORQUE?!!!
[26/04/2010 21:56:36] N: :(

[26/04/2010 21:56:53] J: piensa un poquito nada mas

[26/04/2010 21:58:30] N: ya no te caigo bien?

[26/04/2010 21:59:19] J: pensaste mal si me cayeras mal tu crees que te volveria a hablar

[26/04/2010 21:59:42] N: nose... como no volvimos a hablar por un año XD

[26/04/2010 22:01:37] J: nunca te haces preguntas?

[26/04/2010 22:02:13] N: aveces si aveces no... las cosas se me olvidan rapido como recordaras XD

Now im pretty confused, and its his fault!!! IM NOT THAT SLOW OK?!!! I just avoid the painful things and I have to admit it... Im a coward that thing its so clear since a long time ago. My friend Christian made the things worst he made a bet with God... he say that If we were destined to each other (J & me) then the bus will move... and if not then a thunder were going to destroit the CSS ... soooooooooo... that was mean... and what happened? the bus move... but it was on the street, he cheated ¬_¬

My brother almost trow me his shoes because when I went to talk to him I was speeking very fast T_T My friend Yerry ask me If I have feelings for J... I tell him that right now I see him like a friend, maybe in some time my feelings back, but now they dont exist... my conclusion... I'M A COWARD because if I wanted to finish this situation then I should have told him everything, but I cant because I'm gonna hurt him... and worst than that I'm gonna hurt me... soooo... please... somebody give me advice!!! :(